Andries Pretorius - Aspire2be / International Rugby Players Association

Andries Pretorius

Business Psychology Lead / Global Head of Personal Development  
Aspire2be / International Rugby Players Association

Andries is a former Wales international and Cardiff Blues Rugby captain who has since gone on to work with some of the top coaches and athletes in the world. 

Andries holds a Bachelors degree with Honours in Business Management from the University of West England, and in 2016 following the completion of his Masters degree in Business Psychology, Andries conducted research in high performance teams across New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France and the UK. 

Andries has a unique background that allows him to engage with people in a truly inspiring way regardless of the industry. He currently works one-on-one with elite coaches and senior executives in both the public and private sector while also delivering bespoke and impactful mental wellbeing masterclasses.