Dr Paul Mullins - Bangor University

Paul Mullins

Dr Paul Mullins was educated at James Cook University in Australia, where he received a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Paul obtained his PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia, while working for SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals using MR methodologies to study stroke. During this PhD Paul further developed his interest in the brain and how brain cells communicate, and respond, to external stimuli, injury and illness. He followed with post-docs at Georgetown University and then the University of New Mexico, before working at The MIND in NM, studying the traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia among other central nervous system disorders. Currently Director of the Bangor NeuroImaging Unit, and Reader in Neuroimaging in the department of Psychology, Paul collaborates with researchers from the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences on neuroimaging study design, data acquisition and processing and resources available to help with their research questions.