Life Sciences Hub Wales, 3 Assembly Square, Cardiff Bay CF10 4PL

DHEW Seminar Series - Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

Ecosystem Seminars provide opportunities for Ecosystem partners to discuss issues and topics with experts from a broad range of sectors in a seminar or workshop format. They offer ecosystem partners the chance to share insight and acquire knowledge from subject matter experts in small, informal settings.

As part of the Ecosystem's Seminar Programme, we have brought together experts on cyber security to discuss how the Internet of Things is enabling healthcare improvements, what resources are available within Wales on cyber security and how you can make sure that your device or service is secure. Our speakers include:

  • Nick Lewis, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership - "How the Internet of Things is enabling healthcare - the customer's perspective".
  • John Davies, Cyber Wales - "Cybersecurity resources available in Wales".
  • Matt Knight and Sean Gilliford, Gemserv - "Ensuring that your device or service is secure".

This event has two sessions - the morning session from 10.30am to 12.30pm is for health and social care providers and the afternoon session from 1.30pm to 3.30pm is aimed at industry, particularly SMEs.

There are limited spaces so if you are interested in attending please email digital@lshubwales.com. There will also be the opportunity for one-to-one conversations with our speakers if you have specific issues or questions.