Respiratory Innovation Wales and Life Sciences Hub Wales are delighted to invite you to the second Respiratory Medicine event of the series – this time specialising on the impact of Value-Based Healthcare across lung health in Wales.

Arlosesi am Werth mewn Gofal Iechyd Anadlol

Join us on Tuesday 1 June 2021 to explore the impact of Value-Based Healthcare across respiratory health in Wales. You will get the opportunity to hear three case studies and network with individuals involved on the front line. 


10.00 Welcome and introductions
10.15 Setting the scene: What is Value-Based Health Care?
  Translating value from conceptual to the real world
  Objective: To explore ways in which can make impact and how such impacts can best be captured
10.30 Measuring Value in four representative Respiratory Conditions
  A small number of respiratory conditions make for the majority of patient related outcomes (PROM) in healthcare practice and research
  Objective: To identify current recommended tools to measure patient related outcomes (PROM) in healthcare practice and research
10.50 Stretch break
11.00 Supporting the Journey to Value-Based Health Care
11.10 How could value be demonstrated in the context of:
  An inhaler for airways disease
  A smart-phone application for disease management
  A novel diagnostic tool
11.40 Reporting back from the break-out rooms - Summary & close


With bookings now open, complete your registration now and let us know if you have any questions ahead of the event.

For any additional questions on the event or upcoming events at Life Sciences Hub Wales, email events@lshubwales.com