Birmingham, UK

Chaired by LaingBuisson Consultant, Daniel Casson, whose expertise in digital transformation gives him a privileged panorama over developments which are changing the care sector, the Innovation in Care Conference will provide insight into the potential for innovation to change the landscape of care provision.

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Facing the Future

Dealing with the pandemic has awoken people to the potential for innovation to create new models of care to provide a better quality of life. This conference offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest advancements in social care and how they will offer new avenues for investment.

Industry leaders will explore the home of the future, and the care home of the future, unlocking a new world where social care can be part of a wellbeing system which links health, care and housing services around the quality of life of the individual.

Getting recruitment right is vital for the future of social care. The conference will feature a vibrant Oxford union style debate, moderated by CEO & Founder of Care Friends, Neil Eastwood: This House believes that Adult Social Care is powerless to address the workforce crisis without wholesale changes to the structure and funding of the sector.

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