Our mission is to help accelerate innovation that benefits the health and wellbeing of people living in Wales. If you are a health and social care organisation looking for support, resource, or guidance, then we can help. 

While each innovation project vastly differs, we can provide support across a diverse remit:  

  • Access to our Innovation Portal to facilitate your industry call or challenge 
  • Support in  targeting and promoting your industry call or challenge  
  • Innovation project management and facilitation  
  • Facilitating engagement with industry specialists   
  • Partnership support and development with likeminded innovators  across health, social care, and industry   
  • Event support, facilitation, and management  
  • Marketing and communications support  
  • Access to the Health and Social Care Innovation Network  
  • Access to our Achieving Innovation resource centre. 

To learn more about accessing these services, please get in touch by emailing hello@lifescienceshubwales.com

If you already have an innovative project or idea and are looking for supporting in accelerating your innovation, please get in touch via our innovation enquiry form