The Challenge 

By 2030, one in four people in Wales will be over 65 – that’s an estimated 700,000 people. It is important that we adopt new technology that will help the population stay healthy, happy and active for as long as possible. The importance of the challenge is reflected in Welsh Government’s ‘A Healthier Wales: our plan for Health and Social Care’ and the ‘Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013-2023'. 

The Opportunity  

Businesses, social enterprises and researchers across Wales are taking on the challenge and Life Sciences Hub Wales is supporting their efforts. Our aim is to support colleagues across health and social care, and secure additional investment from UK programmes with the support of industry.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales intends to address the challenge of healthy ageing with innovation in service delivery and technology adoption, such as remote monitoring, health maintenance, and the development and deployment of assistive technologies and use of interactive devices to combat loneliness and isolation.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales is keen to develop relationships with leading specialists in healthy ageing across health, academia and industry to bring about change to support successful patient outcomes.

If you have a challenge or solution from a health or industry background and are interested in collaborating towards meeting the challenges of healthy ageing, please get in touch with our team via