The Challenge 

In order to achieve improved value, health and care systems are seeking to improve their understanding of patient outcomes, reduce unwarranted variation and low value offerings, and gain a greater awareness of cost across a system of care. Value-Based Health Care in practice, is not the responsibility of any individual stakeholder but that of all stakeholders involved in the delivery of health and care. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach that involves health, industry, academia and procurement services must develop for a successful value based healthcare system to be realised. 

The Opportunity 

The life sciences sector has a key role to play in shaping the Value-Based Health Care approaches that equally meet the needs of industry and health and care services, by working collaboratively to understand population needs and help drive outcomes that are meaningful to patients.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales is perfectly placed to co-develop and support systematic approaches which foster a value based life sciences eco-system that reinforces models of care which meet the evolving needs of our population, at pace.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales is keen to hear from industry partners with an interest in Value-Based Health Care . We want to develop a greater understanding of how we can support the life sciences sector to adapt and contribute to achieving value based health outcomes for the population of Wales.  

If you are interested in joining our Value-Based Health Care cluster and would like to help form our special interest group/s, please register your interest here  or email

To find out more about Value-Based Health Care and the NHS in Wales, visit the NHS Wales Value in Health national programme website.