The Challenge 

underpinned by a Welsh Government three-year action plan. This recognises that radical steps are needed to redesign care around the changing health and care population needs, while using the limited available resources more effectively.   

The life sciences sector has a key role co-growing Value-Based Health Care ecosystem by supporting collaborative approaches to develop and implement innovative products and services into health and social care systems.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales can provide support to multidisciplinary organisations by supporting their understanding of VBHC, re-shaping value propositions and convening innovators with the Value-Based Health Care ecosystem in Wales. Our experience and networks allow us to help you co-develop systematic approaches that will transform how we meet the evolving needs of our population. 

 We are keen to drive an improved understanding of the opportunities and challenges that the adoption of Value-Based Health Care principles in Wales bring. Life Sciences Hub Wales partnered with the NHS Wales Value in Health National Programme to deliver a week-long conference in October 2020. The programme included keynotes, expert panel discussions, training sessions, as well as spotlight case studies, which have been saved on our Value in Health Week Programme page.

How can I get involved?

Life Sciences Hub Wales is keen to hear from industry partners who want to be at the forefront of Value-Based Health Care in Wales. We can support this by helping you to demonstrate the impact of solutions to the right stakeholders and empowering you to play an active role in shaping the future of health and social care in Wales. 

Join our growing VBHC Industry Special Interest Group, where your expertise and insights can help to shape the future of Value-Based Health Care and ensure Wales remains at the forefront. Sign up by contacting

To find out more about Value-Based Health Care  and the NHS in Wales, visit the NHS Wales Value in Health national programme website.

Learn more 

If you're looking to learn more about Value-Based Health Care in Wales check out our latest Healthy Thinking podcast episode. Join Chris Martin as he speaks to Emma Clifton-Brown from Pfizer, Dafydd Loughran from Concentric Health and Victoria Bates about the challenges and opportunities in Wales.