Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission are to drive a better future for healthcare for Wales and beyond. We know that health and economic wellbeing go hand in hand. Our strategic focus is on achieving both for the people of Wales.

Our vision is to help Wales become the place of choice for health, care and wellbeing innovation.

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions for better health and wellbeing.

What drives us

The biggest challenge faced by Western Governments at this time is the rising cost of health care. Over 50% of the Welsh Government’s total budget is currently committed to health and care.

The accelerated implementation of innovation into health and care services can help deliver systematic change and here at Life Sciences Hub Wales, we are best placed to support this activity.
We listen to the needs of our health and care services in Wales. We hear the challenges they are facing and work with them to understand their priorities.
We have insight into the best ideas and innovative solutions from the Life Sciences sector globally that can be channelled to help meet the needs and requirements of our health and care services.
We invite companies and innovators from across Wales, the UK and globally, to work with us here in Wales, to share their products, services and solutions and apply them effectively to health and care services in Wales.

Our journey

We began life as a membership organisation in 2014. We represented and supported our members who were drawn from across the life and biomedical sciences sector. Today our focus and strategic direction has evolved. Our focus is inclusive and we seek opportunities for collaboration across the Life Sciences sector, working directly with the NHS and business.

We’re proud of our past work and are proud to springboard off it to drive forward our agenda to make healthcare better for everyone.

To find out more about our work to find innovative solutions from the Life Sciences sector to improve our health and care services in Wales, please contact hello@lshubwales.com

Life Sciences Hub Wales has published its Annual Review for 2020-21, highlighting its work and achievements during the past business year.