Establishing Wales as a life sciences destination

We have been tasked by the Welsh Government to accelerate economic development across the life sciences sector. This includes developing mechanisms to identify and promote innovation push and pull opportunities in Wales, the UK and internationally.

We believe health and economic wellbeing are not mutually exclusive and our priorities include building the foundations to support industry engagement to drive innovation, digitalisation and R&D for the benefit of patients and citizens of Wales. These priorities are in line with the Economic Action Plan for Wales and will deliver both economic and social benefits.

“The life sciences industry represents one of the dominant economic sectors in the UK.”

Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford; Chair, Office for the Strategic Coordination of Health Research.

Wales is already home to some of the world’s most progressive companies within the life sciences industry. As well as government support, these companies are attracted to Wales for the quality of the workforce, links to good universities and higher productivity levels. The life sciences industry in Wales employs 11,000 people in well-paid, high quality jobs across the country and export about £980 million.

Industry engagement programme

One of our key roles is to bring industry and the NHS together, to help identify need and to speed up the development and procurement process for the benefit of all parties, in particular for the benefit of patients.

We work directly with industry and the health service to overcome the problems of poor communication and develop a productive business engagement model.

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Bid development programme

Our Bid Development Team brings together stakeholders with shared objectives and enables them to work towards set goals. The Team helps set up and draft terms of reference and drives co-ordination activities, such as the identification of policy, research or business aims and the bringing together of potential partners.

The Bid Development Programme identifies public and private sector funding opportunities. It co-ordinates Special Interest Groups aligned to these opportunities and drives the bid submission process to organisations such as Innovate UK and BEIS among others.

The bid development programme enables us to work directly with business of all sizes to help them achieve investment. One example of our work is the Cell and Gene Special Interest Group, which supported a health consortium that was awarded £7.3m of UK Government funding for advanced therapy treatments. The funding will help establish The Midlands & Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC), which will facilitate future adoption of transformative cell and gene therapies within the UK.

"At a time of huge opportunities for Wales to build upon its strengths as an agile and connected nation and embrace transformative healthcare innovation including the digital revolution, it is hugely exciting to be part of the Life Sciences Hub Wales which is helping to build and promote the necessary partnerships to deliver benefits for patients."

Rhodri Griffiths, Managing Director a founder of Societas Management Ltd

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Business incubator space

We provide a wide range of business incubation opportunities. From bringing business angels and start-ups together, to providing desk and meeting room space for young ventures, our focus is on helping innovative businesses germinate and grow.

This commitment is reflected – quite literally – in the walls of our offices in Cardiff Bay where the moss and slate décor promotes and celebrates the resources and industry of Wales.

"I am thrilled to be Vice Chair of the Life Sciences Hub Wales and, with my colleagues on the Board, will create value and improved outcomes across the Welsh health and care system by facilitating true transformational partnerships with the Life Science sector in Wales."

Chris Martin, Vice Chair Life Sciences Hub Wales

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