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You’ve had a great idea. But once you’ve proved that it works in your team or in your area, where do you take it next? How do you move it up to the next level? 

Cari-Anne Quinn, Chief Executive of Life Sciences Hub Wales tells the story of the Spread and Scale Academy; a groundbreaking, immersive programme geared to give innovators the tools they need to lead adoption at scale across their organisation, region or across Wales and beyond.

More than 50 delegates came to the Life Sciences Hub Wales in Cardiff in 2019, to learn about the new approach to undertaking large-scale change. We’ll hear their story in the next episode.

In this episode, we hear from Joe McCannon and Becky Margiotta, founders of the  US-based company, the Billions Institute, who led the Academy.  Since 2015, their company has created transformational learning experiences for over 500 foundation and non-profit executives who are leading large-scale change efforts in the social sector.

Joe McCannon sayid: 

"To do this big change work, you have to be operating at a very high level personally, everything is about relationships."

The Billions Institute is the pioneer of the Model for Unleashing, which encourages innovators to ‘Dig Deep’ into their motivation for change and ‘Dream Big’ about where they’d like to take their project. 

“It's really breaking beyond the confines of what you can do with the resources you have and flipping it to thinking of what needs to be done and how can we get there?” 

says Becky Margiotta, who created and led the 100,000 Homes campaign, that mobilized 186 cities to house 105,000 people off their streets in just four years.

Syniadau Iach

In our Welsh language sister podcast, Syniadau Iach, Deputy Director of the Bevan Commission Sion Charles joins presenter Rhodri Griffiths to discuss the Spread and Scale Academy.

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