Advanced Therapies

Test tubes

Advanced therapies such as cell and gene therapies, are set to transform current care pathways with revolutionary treatments that repair, replace, regenerate and re-engineer genes, cells and tissues to restore normal function; potentially offering durable and curative outcomes where acute unmet medical need exists.

However, healthcare services are not yet configured to accept, adopt and deploy these therapies on a broad and regular basis.

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Digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Computer coding

The Welsh Government’s drive to develop digital health at pace in Wales is captured within its Digital Transformation Programme which includes a system-wide approach to setting standards and approach for the development of digital healthcare services, alongside a significant investment in digital projects and a fundamental change in structures and decision-making.

The programme represents a significant step forward and Life Sciences Hub Wales will closely align its activities in support of its delivery.

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Healthy Ageing

Woman at gym with TRX bands

One of the most pressing challenges facing the NHS and social care systems is an ageing population, with individuals who often have multiple co-morbidities and complex care needs.

This presents a challenge to health and care services with opportunities to address with innovation in service delivery and technology adoption and for businesses, social enterprises and researchers who can help people to stay active and productive for as long as possible.

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Precision Medicine

Woman looking at laptop with medicine

Precision medicine is an approach to patient management and care that allows clinicians to select treatments that are most likely to help individual patients, primarily aligned with the principles of prudent healthcare and value based healthcare.

Opportunities presented by precision medicine will support Wales strategic ambitions as outlined in the Statement of Intent for Precision Medicine and related Statement of Intent for Pathology, for Imaging as well as for Advanced Therapeutics.

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Value-Based Health Care (VBHC)

Two men in wheelchairs playing tennis on clay court

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) is a concept that is gaining popularity around the globe.

It is in response to a growing recognition that radical steps must be taken to redesign care around the changing needs of our populations if we are to improve outcomes with the precious resources that are available.

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