Welcome to Healthy Thinking from Life Sciences Hub Wales: a podcast bringing new perspectives from leading thinkers in health and care innovation. We'll hear from key innovators, leaders and influencers who demonstrate a commitment to transforming health and social care services through the implementation of innovative solutions.



Episode 6 - Joint Working - Industry's Role in Healthcare

Episode 5 - The Story of the Welsh Health Hack 

Episode 4 - Tackling Health Inequalities with Sir Michael Marmot

Episode 3 - Can APIs Transform Healthcare?

Episode 2 - Future Health of Wales with Mark Drakeford

Episode 1 - Social Prescribing with Sir Sam Everington


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Syniadau Iach

Life Sciences Hub Wales is also launching a Welsh language podcast, Syniadau Iach, to present new thinking on health and care innovation to Welsh language listeners. You can find out more about the series and listen to Syniadau Iach here.