The Challenge  

Treatment cost is a key consideration for precision medicine. It is decreasing but the prices of technologies such as DNA sequencing and targeted drug therapies can have a significant impact on budgets.  

We need to configure our healthcare services so they can effectively adopt and deploy personalised medicines and account for a rapidly changing payment model landscape. Such changes will help ensure patients can access bespoke medicinal treatments within Wales. 

If precision medicine approaches become part of routine healthcare, clinicians and healthcare providers will need to understand and utilise the latest technologies in molecular genetics and biochemistry. Clinicians will also need to be able to interpret the results of genetic tests, understand how that information is relevant to treatment or prevention approaches, and convey this knowledge to patients. 


The Opportunity  

Our work in precision medicine will support the realisation of Wales’ strategic ambitions. These are outlined in the Statement of intent for Precision Medicine, and related Statement of Intent for Pathology, Imaging and Advanced Therapeutics.  

Life Sciences Hub Wales, in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff University, led the development of a co-produced business case and plan, to create and establish a new Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence in South Wales. This clustering of services focuses on earlier diagnosis of disease, faster patient treatment pathways, and utilisation of digital and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Life Sciences Hub Wales helped to secure funding for the Welsh Blood Service and West Midlands Blood Service. This has lead them to establishing the West Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (WMATTIC), which is already facilitating the treatment of patients with advanced therapies. 

We are also working on several joint bids that aim to accelerate Precision Medicine in Wales, as well as support industry, healthcare and academia through a series of challenge events.  


Join us on our journey 

Life Sciences Hub Wales are looking to engage with national and international organisations working in precision medicine to help accelerate opportunities. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your organisation, please email with the subject heading: Precision Medicine.