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The Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio has published its first Annual Review to show how it’s using digital innovation and collaboration to make the prescribing, dispensing and management of medicines access easier, safer, more efficient and effective for patients and professionals. 

A hand using a tablet device in a pharmacy setting

We’re proud to feature in the Review as a partner helping to deliver an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) for Wales. Having digital prescriptions in Wales will save time and make the process easier, safer, greener and more efficient for doctors, pharmacies, and patients. 

Our team has managed the delivery of a Community Pharmacy System Innovation Fund to provide development grants to suppliers of digital pharmacy systems in Wales to make EPS possible. Five suppliers have already been awarded grants under this scheme, with another three to be imminently awarded. 

Cari-Anne Quinn, our Chief Executive Officer, said: 

“Digitisation of the Welsh prescription service will deliver a safer and more efficient system benefitting patients whilst freeing up vital time and resource for healthcare professionals. We’re proud to be supporting this transformation by managing the fund and award process and look forward to seeing improved service delivery across the nation.”  

The Review also highlights the progress of three other key programmes: 

  • The implementation of electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration in every ward in every hospital in NHS Wales. Once complete, all prescriptions and medicines administered on hospital wards will be recorded digitally, replacing the traditional paper medication charts. 
  • The development of a Shared Medicines Record, which will be one single record of medicines for every patient in Wales that can be easily accessed and shared when needed. 
  • Building medicines functionality into the NHS Wales App. This will include ordering and managing repeat prescriptions. 

The Digital Medicines Transformation Portfolio is funded by Welsh Government and hosted by Digital Health and Care Wales. It was established in April 2022 to help transform patient care and services by replacing the paper-based processes currently used in hospitals, GP practices and community pharmacies. 

You can read the Annual Review in full on the Digital Health and Care Wales website