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The challenge

Currently, the process of providing mental health support to residents of care homes hasn't been efficiently streamlined and often comes with a considerable amount of admin work for those providing care. 

The solution

This project is implementing remote digital technology to support mental health care delivery.

It is also working to identify and understand the factors that help or hinder the implementation of the digital platform, ready for spread and scale.

This project is part of the Digital Solutions Fund Programme

The proposal from Spirit Health is to support the implementation of a 6-month pilot project to deploy CliniTouch Vie for deterioration monitoring in Mental Health in Hengoed Care Homes based in Swansea (identified by the Mental Health In-reach team) to test the aims and objectives outlined below.

This project is seeking to understand the impact of reducing face to face visits by the Mental Health Inreach team supporting the delivery of mental health care to identified residents in the Hengoed Care Nursing Homes.

To support this implementation, Spirit Health will work with the Mental Health In-reach team as part of this pilot to co-design a mental health question set that can be supported by the Spirit Health virtual platform.   

Residents will complete bespoke and clinically-led mental health questions, as well as have their vital sign measurements taken daily, with results sent in real-time to be reviewed. CliniTouch Vie automatically analyses the data and generates a risk-scored list of prioritised actions, enabling clinicians to intervene and provide urgent care where required.

Who are Spirit Health?

Spirit Health is the team behind the multi-award-winning CliniTouch Vie platform, connecting patients and clinical teams through virtual wards and remote patient monitoring.

Their aim is to make healthcare safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Their platform enables the digitisation of multiple pathways, including COPD, chronic heart failure, frailty, COVID-19 and now the addition of mental health.

Their technology is currently supporting teams across the NHS to provide alternatives to hospital care, helping to facilitate earlier discharge or avoid admission. Spirit Health has now published proven evidence of improved outcomes for patients and clinicians, increased system capacity and cost savings when using CliniTouch Vie.

Digital Digital Solutions Fund Mental Health
Health Board
  • Swansea Bay University Health Board
Partners / funding sources

Spirit Health

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales

Welsh Government – Digital Solutions Fund

  • Updates

December 2021Project scoping

  • Stakeholder engagement with Hengoed Park/Hengoed Court care homes and the Mental Health In-reach team
  • Training on the CliniTouch Vie platform with the In-reach Clinical team and Care Home staff
  • Co-design of the Mental Health Question set with the Spirit Health Clinical team and the Mental Health In-reach Team and support from the Care Homes
  • Development of the digitalised pathway

28 February 2022 The pilot goes live


March 2022Onboarding existing case load of patients and referred patients


31 August 2022Pilot system evaluated