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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Community Pharmacies have remained stagnant for two decades. However, the demand for clinical services alongside traditional medicine supply necessitates a pivotal operational shift.

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  • Free pharmacists from the dispensing process 
  • Remove dispensing errors 
  • Maximise the efficiency of community pharmacy operations 

Introducing PharmacyX: innovative software poised to revolutionise the sector. By enabling paperless, efficient, and safer dispensing, while also liberating pharmacists from this process, PharmacyX empowers these pharmacies to offer comprehensive patient care. This case study explores the transformative impact of PharmacyX on Community Pharmacy operations.

Project aims 

The project was initiated in response to a pressing need articulated by Welsh Government to alleviate pressure on primary healthcare services. Presently, Community Pharmacy operations are hindered by outdated software, leading to inefficiencies and pharmacist entanglement in dispensing. The objective was to create new software to enhance efficiency, safety, and pharmacists' capacity to offer clinical services, aligning with the government's vision and addressing the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape. 

Project kick-off 

The project's launch hinged on a complete overhaul of the dispensing process. We meticulously re-imagined the workflow from the ground up, focusing on streamlining tasks. Our strategy included minimising pharmacists' clinical checking time and utilising product barcodes for label generation, thus eliminating dispensing errors. A transition to a paperless workflow increased efficiency and transparency for patients. Crucially, our goal was to liberate pharmacists from dispensing duties, enabling them to focus on delivering vital clinical services. This holistic approach addressed both operational efficiency and patient care, aligning with our vision and the evolving healthcare landscape. 

Project challenges 

The primary challenge stemmed from changing entrenched workflows within established dispensary teams. Adapting their accustomed practices was a hurdle that required effective change management. Shifting pharmacists from physical prescriptions to digital screens for clinical checks, and allowing dispensers to hand out prescriptions to patients without a pharmacist check, were significant departures. Our key learning was the importance of transparently conveying the rationale behind each new process, illustrating its logic and benefits. This approach helped the staff understand and embrace the changes, aligning them with the system's logic. Overcoming resistance through comprehension paved the way for successful implementation. 

Project outcomes

We revolutionised the pharmacy workflow allowing our pharmacists to provide more clinical care. The results have been impressive: 

  • Improved Access and Patient Outcomes: This expanded role greatly enhanced patient care, especially for those with limited access to doctors. The number of Common Ailment Consultations in June 2023 increased by 220% compared to June 2022, demonstrating the positive impact. 
  • Cost Savings and Empowerment: Reduced burden on the healthcare system, lowering unnecessary appointments and A&E visits. 
  • Operational Efficiency and Safety: Dispensing errors were eliminated, with stockholding dropping by 68%. Clinical checking time plummeted by 90% 
  • Financial Growth: PharmacyX users experienced an average prescription growth of 15% year on year, surpassing the national average of 2.3%. Pharmacists embraced career development, and technician roles evolved, fostering a motivated workforce. 

These outcomes highlight the project's transformative impact on patient care, staff satisfaction, career advancement, and financial progress. Dispensing errors were eradicated, there was a substantial reduction in stockholding and pharmacist had time for critical tasks. The surge in service provision and prescription growth underscores the success of the paradigm shift towards patient-centred clinical services. The project's realisation not only benefits community pharmacists but also contributes to a more patient-focused healthcare system. 

Employees surveys and post from other pharmacists have led to quotes like these:

"PharmacyX has transformed our dispensary into a calm, stress-free environment. Every possible efficiency and time-saving aspect has been cleverly thought through and incorporated" 

"It processes prescriptions automatically and in a different way. Picking is quick and done via a mix of bulk picking and golden tote. The system is built to release the pharmacist for clinical services which it does perfectly whilst still providing awareness and control over the dispensing process via the on screen clinical checking." 

Next steps 

Following its successful integration across seven Mayberry Pharmacy branches, our software's reach has expanded to other pharmacies and is already used in 50 sites throughout Wales. Collaborating with Digital Health and Care Wales for the Electronic Prescription Service programme, we secured future Welsh Government funding via Life Sciences Hub Wales. Our next phase involves being able to process electronic prescription in Wales, using our paperless work flow and integrate with the NHS Wales App. We would like to expand across the UK, potentially generating numerous employment opportunities. 

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