Glucose Republic is combining biology and software to help people eat and live better through the means of tracking and monitoring how blood glucose responds to different nutrition in real-time circumstances. 

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Each of us has a unique food fingerprint which we can access via our own glucose response to food and exercise and this helps us understand the impact of food upon us. 

Predicting food fingerprints 

Glucose spikes are extremely influential in determining the risk factor for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other metabolic disorders, with excessive dietary glucose leading to both increased weight gain and increased cholesterol in specific cohorts.​ 

A need was identified to develop a product that will enable healthy people to track and monitor how their blood glucose responds to different nutrition in real-time. Using existing products designed for people with diabetes, the Glucose Republic team wanted to conduct a trial on healthy volunteers to track how blood glucose levels respond to different prescribed and non-prescribed meals. 

Over a period of six months, the Healthcare Technology Centre has helped to establish a comprehensive literature review on current non-invasive technology for glucose monitoring, available techniques, sensor data collection frequency, wearable data transmission protocol and power management.​ This information can then be used to determine the requirements for the hardware specifications of developing such technology. 

Following this collaboration, Glucose Republic has benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government’s SMARTCymru programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. In 2022, the company raised £500,000 investment to build the first mobile app focused on the impact of food. 

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This project is part of the Accelerate programme which is part-funded by the European Regional Development fund, through Welsh Government.

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