Matthew Prettyjohns, Health Technology Wales
This session will explore the key methods used in Health Technology Assessments (HTA) and increase understanding of the potential value to service users, providers and technology partners.

It will explore how to be critical about clinical and economic evidence and describe their importance to policy and commissioning decision-making. It will also explain the methods of economic evaluation used to assess the cost effectiveness of health and care technologies and how this allows decision makers to make best use of limited resources.

The themes of the session will be topical and will touch on real examples of technologies appraised by Health Technology Wales, the national body responsible for producing Guidance to help evidence-informed decision-making by care commissioners.

This is a ‘taster’ session for the ‘Welsh Health Workshops’, held in collaboration by Health Technology Wales and Life Sciences Hub Wales. The workshops are thought-provoking and will teach transferable skills to apply to the workplace.