Martine Courtemanche, Sherbrooke Innopole, Canada
Toshio Fujimoto, iPark, Japan
Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, Twins´International Multihelix, Sweden
Joan Popolo, ACTION Innovation Network, USA

Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM) members will together chair a and invite for discussion on how to bridge clusters and science parks by leveraging expertise in international alliances to improve ecosystems and peoples’ health and wellbeing. The workshop will present the benefits of international collaboration and how the Network operates. TIM members will also high light examples of ongoing work e.g.  pre and soft landing tools, mapping of technology ecosystems as well as mapping cutting edge trends in start-ups globally. TIM was founded as an international supercluster in 2016 to facilitate strategic partnerships among companies, research organisations, and universities for the health and economic performance of the member regions in a trustworthy environment. TIM is present on three continents represented in 10 countries and is actively growing with new partners to expand the international footprint. Life Science is our specialty domain due to of the deep knowledge and relevant expertise of the TIM members. At TIM we join to accelerate the development and access of innovative solutions by fostering new collaborations in a multihelix format with multiple stakeholders.