Insights from Med-Tech World 2023

The Med-Tech World Summit 2023 proved to be an exceptional gathering of over 1,500 attendees, from over 50 countries with over 200 expert speakers. Programme Lead Delyth James shares some insights and key takeaways from October’s Med-Tech World Summit in Malta.

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Big data, huge impact: Three key take-homes from the Big Data Event 2023

Our Big Data Event, delivered in partnership with Digital Health Ecosystem Wales, The National Data Resource and Advanced Analytics, was a fantastic opportunity to hear powerful evidence of data integration transforming health and social care, practical advice on using data in our everyday work, and inspiration on how to think differently about data.

When Ireland met Wales: a day in the life of our digital ecosystem

It’s an exciting time to be working across digital innovation in Wales, where we’re engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders including health, social care, industry, government and academia. Curious to know what this is like? Our latest blog gives an insight into a recent meeting we hosted to strengthen the ties between Irish and Welsh innovators.

What is openEHR and why is it important?

NHS Wales Informatics Services has been carrying out a technical evaluation into openEHR to test its viability as a repository for structured clinical data. The technology will be rolled out soon to support national projects such as Accelerating Cancer and to provide a shared medications record for NHS Wales.

SAIL Databank - health data research during a global pandemic

With the emergence of COVID-19 in Wales, came uncertainty for every aspect of society. Questions quickly surfaced; how and where the virus was spreading? What effect it would have on public health? How would our health and care services handle the additional pressures? And what short and long-term impacts will the pandemic have on health and our way of life?

Reflections on VC in the time of CV

Allan Wardhaugh is a Paediatric Intensivist and CCIO in Cardiff & Vale UHB, and a clinical lead (secondary care) for the National VC Programme.

Cultivate your Inner Maverick

The COVID-19 crisis really has brought out the differences between risk takers and the risk averse, demonstrating which of us cautiously follow all the rules and which of us treat them as polite suggestions, to ignore as we please.  In this blog post I’ll try to rehabilitate the reputation of the risk takers and share my hope that the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales will encourage risk takers and the risk averse to work together in harmony.

Let's do PROMs together!

If you’ve ever had a serious treatment or procedure done, you might have been asked to fill out a questionnaire and rate your recovery after the fact. These questionnaires are called Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (PROMs) and they come in various shapes and sizes.