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In 2019, more than 50 delegates from the NHS teams Wales and across the UK came to the Life Sciences Hub Wales in Cardiff, to attend the inaugural Spread and Scale Academy -  a groundbreaking, immersive programme geared to give innovators the tools they need to lead adoption at scale across their organisation, region or across Wales and beyond.

In this episode, Chief Executive of  Life Sciences Hub Wales, Cari-Anne Quinn tells the story of some of those delegates who were learning how to ‘dig deep’ and ‘think big’ from the leaders of the Academy, Joe McCannon and Becky Margiotta, founders of the US-based company, the Billions Institute. You can hear Joe and Becky’s story in the previous episode.

We’ll hear about some of the techniques Becky and Joe use to help the delegates think differently about their projects.

Rebecca Thomas, a senior nurse at Cwm Taf Health Board who is leading a project to improve the hydration for vulnerable patients said:

"One of the first things they asked us to do was a life-map ... being pushed to think about myself and what I do or don’t do to be able to spread that change."

Becky Margiotta says there are several things that impede innovators.

“We see the fear of open conflict, transactional relationships, perfectionism, and overwork as the stated norm. These things are that you can't really be as creative as you'd like.”

Dr Clea Atkinson, a palliative care consultant at UHW Cardiff, another Spread & Scale Academy delegate said:

“It has totally dawned on me to stop thinking so small, and start thinking much, much bigger, the huge benefits that we've seen in our small project could be spread across the whole of Wales, the whole of the UK and who knows where else.”

Syniadau Iach

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