Life Sciences Hub Wales

Life Sciences Hub Wales extends warm congratulations to Vaughan Gething on his appointment as the new First Minister for Wales. His selection marks a significant moment for Wales, particularly in terms of health, social care, and life sciences.

Vaughan Gething

As an organisation dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation and fostering collaboration within Wales' life sciences sector, we look forward to working closely with First Minister Gething to continue driving forward our national position as a global leader in life sciences.

With a background in health and social services, Vaughan Gething brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the role, making him well-placed to champion initiatives that promote the growth and development of the life sciences industry in Wales. Notably, his recent role as Minister of Economy further emphasises his capacity to drive economic growth and development in tandem with advancing healthcare objectives.

Our Chair, Chris Martin, said: 

"We congratulate Vaughan Gething on his appointment as the new First Minister for Wales and look forward to collaborating with him to harness the potential of the life sciences sector to drive economic growth and improve health and wellbeing across Wales." 

Our CEO, Cari-Anne Quinn, said: 

“Under Vaughan Gething's leadership, we anticipate further opportunities to strengthen partnerships between industry, academia, and the health and social care system, fostering innovation and driving positive change. We express our sincere best wishes to First Minister Gething as he takes on this important role and stand ready to support his efforts in advancing the prosperity and health of the people of Wales.”

We’d also like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to the outgoing First Minister Mark Drakeford for his dedicated service to Wales, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.