We’re excited to be partnering with M-SParc for a unique Remote Monitoring Event on 16 March!

A vector graphic of remote monitoring technology

The recent increase in remote monitoring opportunities in health and social care has changed how health and social care professionals are delivering services. Patients are now receiving a different experience of care through enabling support in their own home.

We are already seeing a reduction in clinic appointments and hospital admissions where remote monitoring practices are already being implemented. There are also environmental benefits from lowering carbon footprints through reduced travel.

This makes it a crucial time to learn more about the growing impact of remote monitoring technologies where you are.

Delyth James, DHEW Programme Lead, said:

“The use of remote monitoring in health and social care has increased massively in recent years and has been an important part of our work at Life Sciences Hub Wales. 

"With an increased number of remote monitoring projects taking place across Wales, we’ve joined forces with M-SParc to host this special event for our colleagues in healthcare, social care, and academia. I’m looking forward to hearing our colleagues discuss their successes, challenges, and barriers with the hope all those in attendance can take those learnings forward in their own exciting projects."

If you work in a health, social care, or academic setting and want to discover more about remote monitoring, the event on 16 March will provide a diverse agenda. You will have the chance to…

  • hear about successful remote monitoring projects in health and social care,
  • learn about TEC Cymru’s (Telehealth) work on a national scale through their remote monitoring platform,
  • discover more about the current remote monitoring products on the market, and
  • meet other people within your sector.

Charlie Jones, Marketing and Events Officer at M-SParc, said:

“At M-SParc we are at the heart of innovation and love working in partnership with Life Sciences Hub Wales on fantastic events such as this one.

“This exciting collaboration has allowed for both North and South (Wales) to come to together to share their knowledge and this is only possible through the technology we now have. We look forward to welcoming you all to the event, should be seeing you virtually from down south or through the doors at M-SParc”

As an in-person hybrid event, you will have the option of attending in North or South Wales. Spaces are limited, so register today!