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New guidance has been published by Health Technology Wales on the use of digital wound management systems.

An elderly woman having a wound dressed

Integrated Digital Wound Management Systems (DWMS) use a digital device to take pictures of a wound in 3D which enables software to measure the wound and gather other information about it. The information is then stored so it can be viewed by healthcare professionals, meaning the wound may be seen and assessed without the need for an appointment. 

It has been proposed that the technology allows for more accurate measurements to be taken of the wound than by using a ruler or tape. 

According to Health Technology Wales's guidance, digital wound management systems can accurately measure the surface area of a wound, but not the depth or volume, for some but not all wounds. 

The guidance states that there is insufficient evidence on how the technology can impact clinical management of wounds and outcomes for patients. 

Health Technology Wales recommends that further research should be carried out to explore the uncertainties in the clinical and cost effectiveness of the technology. 

Read the guidance in full.