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As pharmacies prepare for a new digital service that will completely change the way prescriptions are managed, EMIS is announced as the fifth IT system supplier to test its technology to support electronic prescriptions in Wales. 

A pharmacist reaching for a box of medication

EMIS will develop its ProScript Connect pharmacy system to support the use of e-prescriptions with live on-site testing scheduled to take place during the summer.

If testing is successful, the EMIS software will be rolled out at further pharmacies across Wales.

The work is supporting the delivery of an electronic prescription service (EPS) which is being led by the Digital Medicines programme in Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW).  

Jenny Pugh-Jones, DHCW’s lead for e-prescriptions, said:

"Collaboration is key to successful delivery, so we are incredibly pleased to work in partnership with EMIS to enable electronic prescribing in Wales and we welcome them as the latest pharmacy system supplier to reach this stage."

Suzy Foster, EMIS CEO, said:

"We’re thrilled to deliver the next generation of systems for our Welsh pharmacies. We’re working closely with Digital Health and Care Wales, developing our market leading ProScript Connect solution to support the delivery of EPS across the country."

The introduction of electronic prescribing in Wales is streamlining a process that has not changed in decades and is bringing many benefits to patients and staff. GPs and prescribers can send prescriptions electronically to the patient’s choice of community pharmacy, without the need to print and sign a paper form.  

Moving from paper to digital is a complex process, which relies on GP and community pharmacy IT suppliers building functionality into their systems to be able to send and receive electronic prescriptions securely. Other suppliers are in the process of upgrading their pharmacy system technology ready for use in Wales.

EMIS received funding from the Community Pharmacy System Innovation Fund to help develop its EPS technology. The Fund is led by Life Sciences Hub Wales in partnership with DHCW on behalf of Welsh Government.

Cari-Anne Quinn, Life Sciences Hub Wales Chief Executive, said:

"We're delighted to see EMIS joining the ranks of pharmacy system suppliers advancing electronic prescribing in Wales. This collaborative effort underscores our collective dedication to leveraging technology for improved healthcare outcomes and sustainability."

The first live test use of electronic prescriptions with patients took place in Rhyl, Denbighshire, in November 2023 and at further locations in north and south Wales this year. Phased national roll out of this new digital service begins this summer.  

Electronic prescribing in Wales is one of four programmes and projects supported by Digital Medicines that will deliver the benefits of a fully digital prescribing approach in all healthcare settings in Wales. It will also save up to 40 million paper prescription forms from being printed each year in Wales as paper light processes develop.