Life Sciences Hub Wales

Life Sciences Hub Wales and the Academy of Medical Sciences have reaffirmed our partnership and commitment to deliver the Cross-Sector Programme for Wales.


We’re thrilled to share Life Sciences Hub Wales and the Academy of Medical Sciences have reaffirmed our partnership and commitment to deliver the Cross-Sector Programme for Wales. This collaborative effort aims to inspire health innovation by connecting a wide range of innovators and researchers through a series of networking events, and a collaborative funding scheme.  

The Cross-Sector Programme is designed to address significant healthcare challenges and to overcome key barriers to cross-sector collaboration, including:  

  • Difficulties in connecting with the right people and organisations
  • Cultural gaps between sectors
  • Limited incentives for career movement
  • A lack of resources to engage across sectors

By addressing these challenges, we’re building a more integrated and effective healthcare innovation ecosystem. 


Upcoming events - A focus on cancer innovation

For the 2024-25 financial year, we’re hosting three key events:

  • Cancer – Early Detection and Diagnostics
  • Cancer – Digital and Data  
  • Cancer – Wellbeing 

The first event, ‘Cancer – Early Detection & Diagnosis’ is set to take place on the 11th July 2024.  

This event will bring together innovators and researchers across careers fields to explore how working together can help improve early cancer detection and diagnosis. This event will highlight how collaborative efforts are critical in developing sustainable healthcare solutions, ultimately improving patient outcomes across Wales.

Find out more about the event here.


Cari-Anne Quinn, Chief Executive Officer of Life Sciences Hub Wales said:

“Life Sciences Hub Wales are delighted to continue working with the Academy of Medical Sciences on this vital programme. By facilitating meaningful opportunities for networking and collaboration, we aim to support innovative solutions that address the pressing healthcare challenges facing our society.”

Dr. Naomi Joyce, Head of Partnerships at Life Sciences Hub Wales said:

“I am delighted that we are continuing our Partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences. As the Welsh Hub for the Cross-Sector programme we are working with the Academy to bring together innovators across sectors and disciplines to foster collaboration. Working together brings different perspectives, skills and experience invaluable in collectively tackling healthcare challenges in Wales.”

Dr Rachel Macdonald, Head of Programmes at Academy of Medical Sciences said:

“The Cross-Sector programme aims to provide active and thriving regional hubs offering impactful events and bringing together a network of innovators, researchers, health professionals and policymakers. We look forward to continuing our work with Life Sciences Hub Wales to deliver the Cross-Sector Wales hub and provide opportunities and support for people to collaborate within different sectors.”

Researchers, clinicians, industry professionals, and policymakers are encouraged to participate in these events to contribute to and benefit from this collaborative initiative. Sign up today, for our first networking event on 11th July 2024 here