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The NIHR i4i Programme and Office for Life Sciences (OLS) announce new funding call to support innovation in early detection and diagnosis of cancer, targeted treatments and approaches to tackle health inequalities. 

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What you need to know 

The Cancer Mission: Early Cancer Diagnosis Clinical Validation and Evaluation Call will support the clinical validation and evaluation of breakthrough technologies to increase the proportion of cancers detected earlier, and/or target health inequalities across stages of cancer diagnosis. 

It’s a one-stage call for projects lasting up to 36 months. There is no upper funding limit. 

The call supports the strategy detailed in the UK Life Sciences Vision to make the UK a leading testbed for cancer innovation. This is through accelerating the development and commercialisation of a new generation of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.  

The funding will support earlier diagnosis for patients and the development of more targeted therapies.  

Who can apply? 

Applications are welcomed from: 

  • Small/medium-sized companies 
  • NHS and third sector providers 
  • Charitable organisations 
  • Local government bodies 
  • Universities and research organisations 

Key dates

Applications open at 1pm on 24 October 2023, and will close at 1pm on 12 December 2023. 

There is also a launch event being held on 6 October, with more details on Eventbrite

To learn more about this funding opportunity, visit the NIHR website