AI offers opportunities to support diagnostics enabling and supporting early detection programmes offering earlier diagnosis and intervention, offering vast opportunities for improved clinical outcomes and cost efficiencies. Machine Learning and AI are widely used in other sectors in logistics, supply and planning support and provides opportunity for health and care organisations to deliver efficiencies and streamlined services.  

Robotic surgeries allow surgeons to undertake less invasive and more precise procedures offering improved clinical outcomes for patients and cost efficiencies such as quicker recovery leading to reduced time spent in hospital. 

The Opportunity  

Welsh Government’s focus on the digital transformation of health and care services represents an important commitment and will further put in place the significant infrastructure and resource required for Wales to ensure benefits are captured from the digital revolution. Lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated how the Welsh health and care system can embrace and deploy digital solutions at pace and scale to drive service delivery improvements. Relationships with industry have been crucial to meet the scale and pace that the crisis demanded. 

This provides opportunities for partnerships to be formed with industry to provide higher value health and care, rapid improvement and innovation. Well-managed and strongly governed access to high quality, multi-layered data (e.g. via the National Data Resource and existing data repositories) will attract industry, providing opportunities for partnerships to deliver the required solutions and for the development of new products and businesses in Wales.  

Machine learning provides great promise for the interpretation of vast amounts of combined data which can be applied to diagnostics, medical imaging analysis, patient medical records, logistics and genetics. AI systems are capable of interpreting radiology images far quicker than humans ever could. While it will never replace clinicians, it will free them up to focus on more complex cases. This technology could go a long way to addressing the current shortages of radiologists, complementing initiatives such as the National Imaging Academy Wales. 

Life Sciences Hub Wales can access key industry partners to support health boards to deliver their projects and aims in this transformation. We have strong networks and relationships with small and large digital healthcare businesses and are building our capability to deal confidently and commercially with them.  

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