In common with the rest of the UK, the NHS in Wales faces some enormous challenges as we emerge from the worst pandemic to hit the country for nearly a century.

In this episode the Minister for Health and Social Care, Eluned Morgan MS acknowledges this but takes the opportunity to highlight the positives that Covid-19 brought in its wake. She tells host Chris Martin that the new ways of working - using digital technology - is key: from e-prescribing to robotic surgery.

“We've all become digitised. We've all learned how to use technology, and in a really positive way. So things that were starting to happen in the life sciences are now commonplace. We've all changed our way of working. I think it's going to be really interesting, in particular for rural medicine, for example.” she says.

Referring to the waiting list backlog she sees a transformation in the way consultations are undertaken, making sure that patients are seen in their communities.

“In the planned care programme 35% of the first outpatient departments will now be remote, and 55%, of post operative care will be remote consultations. I mean, that's revolutionary. We are going lock all of that in, and make sure that people understand that that's a new way of working and we're not apologising for it.” the Minister said.

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