Project Duration: 11 months

Start Date: 1st February 2021

Partners: Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, Cwm Taf Morgannwg Regional Partnership Board, Zenergy Design Ltd, Mental Health Matters Wales and Cardiff University

Project Aim: Reimagining the building into a multi-use space for the local community, staff and patients with a focus on improving ‘wellbeing’ and mental health

Image of Glanrhyd Church

Glanrhyd Hospital is a mental-health hospital in Pen-y-fai near Bridgend and is managed by Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. The church stands in a prominent position within the hospital grounds and is still used for religious purposes. We propose to reimagine the building into a multi-use space for the local community, as well as staff and patients on site.

Image of the inside of Glanrhyd Church

Michaela Moore, Director of Mental Health Matter Wales said:

“Mental Health Matters Wales is delighted to be partner of such an innovative project which aims to support the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of the community”

Expected Outcomes

  • Identification of the stakeholders and their needs
  • Co-developed plan and specification for a sympathetic refurbishment including an cost estimate
  • Defining the model and staff requirement for the running and operating of the venue
  • Identification of potential funding sources
  • Establishing an active network of stakeholders that will in future, run the range of activities contributing to Glanrhyd achieving its social, cultural, environmental and well-being ambitions

Potential Future Outcomes

  • Securing funding to support a sustainable adaptation of the church into a Community Hub
  • Help the Health Board meet the new policies for decarbonisation recently set out for the NHS. A key outcome will be to raise awareness of what is possible with existing NHS buildings that are no longer required for their original purpose
  • Increased experience for the company compatible with its core sustainability principles which will strengthen its portfolio
  • Possible research opportunities and academic publications eg through monitoring energy / space usage and optimising performance
  • Support for community initiatives especially around wellbeing and mental health support and develop strong ties with local charities

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