Primary NHS Partner

“I am confident that Wales, with a less fragmented NHS system and a more integrated digital and patient records system will be well placed to lead the way.” Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, Chair of Life Sciences Hub Wales

We’re a primary partner of NHS Wales. We build multi-discipline and multi-level relationships across all the Health Boards and Trusts in Wales. We work with the NHS Executive and drive opportunities to create stronger, smarter links with the life sciences industry.

A pipeline of high value solutions for the NHS

A core part of our work is delivering a pipeline of high value, validated business proposals to the NHS and social care sector in Wales. This pipeline identifies promising opportunities through:

  • clinical engagement to identify needs within the health and care system
  • finding emerging technologies and good practice from both within and outside Wales
  • assessing proposals from universities and industry.

Our role includes making sure new solutions present clinical evidence and align with NHS procurement rules. One example of this is Digital Health Ecosystem Wales. In partnership with NHS Wales Informatics Service, we’ve developed a programme inviting digital companies to to create a network of digital health solutions to support the NHS.

‘I am extremely excited to be part of the Life Sciences Hub Wales and am delighted to be able to contribute to delivering the new mission and vision.’ Rupert Jones, Managing Director of the medical businesses of Renishaw plc

Every NHS voice counts

One of the most important ways we can help the NHS to get better, is to listen to the NHS. This includes liaising with the seven different Health Boards and three Trusts, and understanding how each has unique needs and priorities.

To find out more about how we work closely to understand the unmet needs of the NHS in Wales, please contact