What we do

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions for better health and wellbeing. 

We are here to help transform the health and economic wellbeing of the nation through: 

  1. Accelerating the development and adoption of innovative solutions that support the health and social care needs of Wales. 
  2. Partnering with industry to advance economic development across the life sciences sector in Wales, driving business growth and creating jobs. 

To help make this happen we work closely with health and social care colleagues across Wales to understand the challenges and pressures an organisation may face. Once identified, we work with industry to source and support the development of innovative solutions to respond to these challenges.  

Our expert team provides bespoke support to accelerate all innovation journeys, whether we are supporting a clinician with a bright idea or facilitating partnerships with multinational life sciences organisations. Find out more about our Innovation support here.

Life Sciences Hub Wales helps to drive system-wide change by convening and orchestrating a cross-sector innovation ecosystem. These connections enable us to create valuable networking and matchmaking opportunities.  

Our programme delivery  

Organisations engaged with Life Sciences Hub Wales are empowered to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people in Wales, increase efficiency and value within the health and social care systems, and drive economic development and job creation. Our current programmes focus on delivering critical health and care solutions: 

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales (DHEW) brings together industry, clinicians, policy makers, academics, innovators, and funders to create an environment of digital innovation in Welsh healthcare. DHEW works to make it easier and faster to adopt digital healthcare technology in Wales. Find out more about Digital Health Ecosystem Wales.  

Accelerate Wales is a pioneering collaboration between Cardiff University (CIA), Swansea University (HTC), University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Life Sciences Hub Wales. Co-funded by the Welsh European Funding Office European Regional Development Fund, the programme helps translate innovative ideas into new technology, products and services for the health and social care sector, quickly. Find out more about Accelerate Wales.   

Delivering Impact  

Life Sciences Hub Wales has published its Annual Review for 2020-21, highlighting its work and achievements during the past business year. Key impact figures for 2020-21: 

  • 2,285 proposals received to support Covid-19  
  • 556 Covid-19 referrals made to procurement agencies  
  • 781 organisations were supported  
  • 19 adoption ready products  
  • 624 jobs assisted Wales  
  • 200+ submissions made to the Digital Solutions Fund 
  • £2,285,000 funding secured  
  • £6.5million business growth 
  • £34million Gross Value added to Welsh economy  

Download the full Annual Review 2020-21 below:

application/pdf - 560.15 KB