Our open dialogue with frontline providers means we have deep understanding of the most critical challenges and priorities facing the sector. And our relationships with key academic institutions mean access to testing and research is made simpler. That means when innovators approach us, we can help shape their ideas to make them most relevant to an end user. And we’ll take frontline needs and priorities to innovators for dedicated development, too.

We bring all of these groups to the table: to listen, share and explore.

Put simply, we match health and social care needs with innovation to drive progress, together.

What we do

Innovation in health and social care can be a complex and challenging journey and every situation is unique.

Over time, we’ve developed effective processes that help our partners overcome the continually evolving challenges that are inevitably part of every innovation journey, on the way to a successful outcome.

We offer extensive experience and support at any point on the development journey, right up to end user adoption.

Ultimately, this means better health and social care for the people of Wales. It also means growth and investment and jobs in the ground-breaking organisations that choose Wales.

Whether it’s funding support and guidance, project management, partnership development, or any of our other dedicated support services, we can help you.

We’re here to help make it happen.

Our programme delivery  

In addition to our core service delivery, we’re also proud partners of the Welsh Government funded Digital Health Ecosystem Wales (DHEW) initiative, along with Digital Health and Care Wales.

This programme has been specifically designed to bring innovators, clinicians, and health and social care professionals who specialise in digital and AI, in a bid to drive systematic change through collaborative working. Developing this ecosystem means that we work directly with national and international networks to establish examples of good practice for continuous improvement. And we work with partners in Wales to understand the barriers and challenges around adoption, ensuring industry partners are aware of infrastructure needs, whilst showcasing best practice at home in Wales and across the globe! We rely on our networks across health, social care, and academia – but equally the relationships we have with our industry innovators.