Tell us about your role as Head of Health and Care Engagement?

I am thrilled to be at Life Sciences Hub Wales and working within in their Innovation and Adoption team. I've worked in NHS Wales and the public sector for over twenty years and I've seen the value in supporting health and social care colleagues in working with industry to identify opportunities for innovation. I passionately believe we can bring forward innovation that will have a real impact for patients and will support staff to improve the way care is delivered.

What impact will innovation have on the health and care sector?

At Life Sciences Hub Wales, we are uniquely placed to identify sources of innovation by working collaboratively with partners including the Bevan Commission, 1000 Lives Improvement, the Accelerate programme, Digital Health Ecosystem Wales and Health Technology Wales.

There are many innovative solutions already out there. We need to work at pace to identify, develop and scale them up, so that our health and care sector becomes proactive, sustainable and resilient.

Innovation will help us predict health conditions more quickly, enable earlier detection, and help us to develop new and improved treatment methods. Overall, it will support informed, person-centred decision making for better health and wellbeing.

What role can the Life Sciences Hub Wales play in the health and care sector?

I believe that the Life Sciences Hub Wales is well placed to provide support as the innovation partner for the health and social care sector to drive innovation and accelerate change.

Within the Innovation and Adoption team we are truly multi-disciplinary. We have bid development experts, who are scoping the funding landscape so that we can finance and drive future innovation opportunities with additional funding outside of the existing health and social care budgets in Wales. 

We also have our Industry Relationship Managers out in the field, working with industry, identifying products, services and approaches that are working elsewhere or that are brand new, that will drive change in Wales.

I would invite all health and social care colleagues to get in touch. If you have an idea - or a product or services, or a constant problem you’re trying to overcome, we are here to help you find the solution.


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