The DHEW programme brings together industry, clinicians, policy makers, academics, innovators, and funders to create vibrant ecosystem of digital innovation within the Welsh health and social care system, targeting potential improvements in: 

  • the quality of health of patients and citizens,   

  • efficiency and sustainability of the system,   

  • the working conditions of health and social care professionals.  

The DHEW Programme focuses on practical actions, convening and connecting people across the sector to ‘make it easier and faster to adopt digital healthcare technologies’. 

 We act as a broker, providing honest and open guidance to industry, managing expectations with companies that are hoping to sell digital healthcare products and services in Wales. We help them understand the timescales of procurement with NHS Wales and understand the processes for product and service adoption within NHS Wales. We support NHS Wales organisations to engage with industry to develop understanding of the marketplace and help develop partnerships between NHS, academia, and industry.  

 We are a unique programme in our ability to connect and convene across industry, academia, and the health care sector to provide ideas, collaborative partners, and point organisations in the right direction.   

We equip people and organisations, raising aspirations, encouraging people to look for the best practice and best in class. We look outside Wales, with an international and global focus, bringing in the best innovation and digital technological solutions from around the World.  

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