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Big data, huge impact: Three key take-homes from the Big Data Event 2023 |

Our Big Data Event, delivered in partnership with Digital Health Ecosystem Wales, The National Data Resource and Advanced Analytics, was a fantastic opportunity to hear powerful evidence of data integration transforming health and social care, practical advice on using data in our everyday work, and inspiration on how to think differently about data.

Four reasons why global innovators should make Wales their place of choice |

Foreign Policy recently released a publication that focussed on the opportunities of working within Wales and the strengths of our Welsh economy. Life Sciences Hub Wales was also featured, where I was delighted to author a piece exploring Wales' strong reputation for healthcare innovation.

How can we combat antimicrobial resistance in Wales? |

In a guest blog to mark World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, Julie Harris, Consultant Antimicrobial Pharmacist at Swansea Bay University Health Board, explores the impact of antimicrobial resistance, how primary and secondary care in Wales is addressing it, and what innovators can do to support healthcare.

When Ireland met Wales: a day in the life of our digital ecosystem |

It’s an exciting time to be working across digital innovation in Wales, where we’re engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders including health, social care, industry, government and academia. Curious to know what this is like? Our latest blog gives an insight into a recent meeting we hosted to strengthen the ties between Irish and Welsh innovators.

Our five key take home messages from NHS ConfedExpo  |

Last week our team travelled to Liverpool, flying the flag for Wales at this year’s NHS ConfedExpo. Here, I was delighted to give a talk at the AHSN Innovation Stand, providing a Welsh perspective on innovation in health and social care. 

The path towards Achieving Innovation |

There are organisations, research and resources that can support those embarking, or progressing on their innovation journey. However, with so much information available, where does one start? Last year, I worked for Life Sciences Hub Wales and a range of cross-sector thought leaders to try and make this process easier.   

Innovation: an industry perspective |

It’s not an understatement to say that for the pharmaceutical industry, innovation is everything. The sector is entirely driven by it, from early-stage research through to transforming production processes. But it’s not innovation for innovation’s sake. It is innovation with a focus on what can be achieved to improve the public and individual health of our citizens.

Welcome to our new Achieving Innovation resource |

We’re delighted to launch Life Sciences Hub Wales’ new Achieving Innovation resource. This will equip stakeholders working across industry and health and social care with an evolving suite of resources, best practices and information to support their innovation journey.

Innovation: why is it our most important habit? |

Dr. Chris Subbe, Acute, Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Consultant and Senior Clinical Lecturer, explores how we can successfully embed innovation in health and social care systems. 

A look forward at the year ahead |

The past year has had an unprecedented impact across all areas of industry and health and social care. Here, Cari-Anne Quinn discusses our 2020 learnings and thoughts about the future. 

Twelve days of Hubmas – 2020 highlights |

From 1 to 12 December, we shared twelve highlights from 2020 on our social media channels.
For those of you that missed it, we have captured the round up here!

How can Wales futureproof its healthcare system? |

Here, Cari-Anne Quinn, CEO of Life Sciences Hub Wales, discusses the challenges our healthcare and social services will face over the next decade, exploring how we can address them and ensure people continue living longer, happy and healthier lives.

Concentric Health and Accelerate: The story so far |

Learn how Concentric Health, a Welsh health technology startup supporting patients and clinicians to make better healthcare decisions, collaborated with Accelerate to create a digital medical consent forms.

Learning from Covid-19 |

Thank you for the tweets and direct replies to my last blog: The habit of innovation. They confirm that we at Life Sciences Hub Wales are far from being the only ones wanting to use the Covid-19 disruption to learn about ourselves and our system.

Innovating during a global pandemic – the Covid-19 challenge |

During the coronavirus pandemic we have seen a kindness in people and communities like never before. We’ve seen key workers going above and beyond the call of duty to care for the sick and vulnerable. And, we’ve also seen other hidden heroes who have taken to the challenge of developing innovation at pace, in a bid to help fight the pandemic in Wales and across the globe.

The habit of innovation |

The Covid-19 pandemic has confirmed so many of the great things that I believe about my adopted country – Wales. We are acting as a community to protect and help one another. Our NHS and care services provided by local government and the third sector are second to none.

The Accelerate experience |

Getting your innovative idea from concept to market is a tough journey. In the healthcare market there is a complex landscape that is highly regulated. Due to insufficient resources an idea that could benefit health care can spend years in development and trials. In some instances the idea may never get to market. Accelerate is changing that.

Enhancing virtual appointments to support people with diabetes |

As we face this current unprecedented challenge, we all need to find new ways of working. The health system is having to adapt very quickly to continue to provide support whilst also prioritising resources for the fight against Coronavirus.

Working together to take on the challenge of COVID-19 |

Over the last few weeks, we have seen industry coming together to support the NHS in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. With timeframes for solutions no longer being weeks or months, but now hours and days – it’s inspiring to see such focussed commitment and determination to address the challenge of COVID-19.

The Best Life Sciences Podcasts |

Are you looking for a podcast that stimulates your mind? Whether you're commuting, in the bath or on a run, these podcasts are guaranteed to keep you informed and up to date with the latest in the science space.

The Best Health Tech Podcasts |

Health Tech innovation is constantly transforming our healthcare capabilities in Wales and beyond.

Healthy Thinking: What’s it all about? |

Healthy Thinking is a podcast by Life Sciences Hub Wales. In each episode we hear from different leading thinkers, innovators and influencers in the health and care industry, to talk about topics that matter today.