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SBRI Centre of Excellence and Welsh Government are providing vital financial support to a project which is keeping people active and independent by empowering them to manage their medication with a digital device.

A woman holding up a YourMeds device

It’s taking place in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board and Bridgend County Borough Council area with people using the YOURmeds digital medication device. Life Sciences Hub Wales is proud to be continuing our support by providing project management assistance, following on from our initial work where we helped horizon scan to confirm YOURmeds was the best solution for this context. 

YOURmeds is a simple SIM-based medication device that helps and remind users to take the correct medication at the right time. Designated friends and family are notified through the YOURmeds supporter app when medication is taken and alerts them if medication is missed or taken incorrectly. It can also support social care staff and services with resource management by reducing reliance on domiciliary care calls and telecare prompts. 

The Medicines Optimisation Team in Bridgend have created the first integrated service model to support around medication involving their own organisation, community pharmacies, friends and family, and Bridgend Telecare. 

The initial work funded by Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board’s Value Based Health Care Team is currently being evaluated. Early indications show that it has reduced medication wastage, enabled users to remain independent and provided support and reassurance for their families. 

This project is one of two projects being funded by Welsh Government as part of the Social Care and Health Living Well – Domiciliary Care SBRI Challenge, which is focussed on the testing and scale up of innovative services for potential wider adoption. The funding provided will allow further research and developments to the YOURmeds online portal, which will support clinicians to make more informed decisions through the inclusion of the medication data for each user and support remote management of a large group of people using the device. 

Albert Heaney, Chief Social Care Officer for Wales, said: 

“I am always inspired by the new and innovative ways we enhance the way we deliver care across Wales to meet the needs of our communities. Domiciliary care is a key service provided by a passionate, committed and skilled workforce. Trials like these will allow us to understand how we best maximise technology to compliment the skills of our workforce.”

(Innovation providing greater choice and independence for people receiving domiciliary care in Wales | GOV.WALES)

Louise Baker, Project Lead at Life Sciences Hub Wales, said:

“We’re so pleased to continue working on this project thanks to support from SBRI and Welsh Government. Receiving this funding is a fantastic milestone and achievement for all people who’ve been involved in this work, and I’m so excited to see how partners will use this to look at scaling up this support of medication management in the community.” 

Thomas Sauter, Clinical Lead Pharmacist for Bridgend Integrated Services, said: 

“Integration between health and social care is vital if we are to ensure that people in our communities receive the best and most appropriate care for their needs. By introducing new, innovative digital solutions to support people in managing their medication, we can help people to lead healthier and more independent lives.” 

To learn more about this work, please visit our Project Page