Welsh Government, Pfizer, Swansea University and Life Sciences Hub Wales have all signed a ground-breaking charter that reflects their shared beliefs in driving the adoption and delivery of Value-Based Health Care in Wales.

Value Based Health Care

As Founding Members, each party has confirmed the charter’s vision of embedding this transformational approach to health and social care in all relevant systems.

The charter reflects the parties’ shared intent:

  • to evolve models of healthcare traditionally based on volume of activity toward a person-centred approach that recognises the full value that healthcare brings to patients, society and sustainable industry; and

  • to improve health outcomes for the people of Wales and to make NHS Wales a global beacon of life sciences, technology innovation, and digital health and care.

Pursuing new models for population health is critical for safeguarding the future of health, care and wellbeing. Value-Based Health Care is rapidly gaining traction with governments and institutions worldwide as a pathway towards meeting these evolving needs.

Wales is already at the forefront of this global movement, with all four signatories having invested significant resources in helping to implement Value-Based Health Care across the nation – aligning with Welsh Government’s existing commitments to this aim. The vision detailed in this landmark charter will help cement Wales’ global leadership in using Value-Based Health Care to drive better health, economic and wellbeing outcomes.

An integrated approach involving stakeholders spanning health and social care, government, industry and academia is essential for realising the aims of Value-Based Health Care. This Charter unites a leading multidisciplinary group of organisations in collaboration as Founding Members for promoting the Welsh Government’s vision of adopting Value-Based Health Care in Wales.

Signing the agreement on behalf of the Welsh Government, Professor Chris Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Director of Population Healthcare, said:

“The Welsh Government is delighted to sign this charter alongside colleagues from the pharmaceutical, academic and life sciences sectors, as it shows our joint commitment to the principles of Value Based Health Care, which is a key element in our strategy A Healthier Wales. Placing value at the heart of health service planning and delivery will contribute towards better outcomes for patients and a more sustainable health service in the future.”

Signing the agreement on behalf of Pfizer, UK, Ben Osborn, Managing Director and Country Manager, said:

"Pfizer’s purpose is to develop breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. But breakthrough treatments are just one part of the puzzle. Changing lives requires the entire health system to work together – exploring new ways to deliver treatments, manage disease and prevent illness.

The ambitious vision for healthcare in Wales shares these principles, providing an innovative policy environment that enables global life science organisations, like Pfizer, to build transformative partnerships with the healthcare system.

Pfizer is proud to be building on our already successful partnership with Swansea University; there has never been a more exciting time to see how science, data and technology are coming together to transform health and deliver better patient outcomes.”

Signing the agreement on behalf of Swansea University, Professor Paul Boyle, Vice-Chancellor, said:

“We are delighted to sign this charter, which builds upon our existing partnership with Pfizer. Since 2018, we have worked together to develop our understanding of Value-Based healthcare and its importance to the sustainability of health and care systems around the world.

Our University was founded by industry to address the problems faced by citizens of Wales, and no problem is greater than the need to improve health outcomes. 

Our new Value-Based Health and Care Academy, the academic partner to the national Value in Health Programme, along with our collaboration with Pfizer in New York and the UK will ensure that our research and education programmes continue to have global reach. This memorandum is confirmation that, alongside our colleagues in Welsh Government and Life Science Hub Wales, Swansea University commits to collaborating closely with the international life science sector to maintain Wales’s leading role in Value-Based Health Care.”

Signing the agreement on behalf of Life Sciences Hub Wales, Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, Chair, said:

“Value-Based Health Care has the power to transform our health and social care systems for the better – creating outcomes that provide value for people and communities in Wales and beyond. We are delighted to be collaborating with each Founding Member to ensure that Wales continues to lead the charge in pioneering this approach. Within the context of prudent healthcare this charter supports Life Sciences Hub Wales’ vision of making Wales the place of choice for health, care and wellbeing innovation through key impact areas such as Value-Based Health Care.”

All four Founding Members hope that the signing of this charter will act as a cornerstone for enabling other organisations across health and social care, academia and industry to support the implementation of Value-Based Health Care. Get in contact by emailing Life Sciences Hub Wales at hello@lifescienceshubwales.com to register your interest in joining this shared vision.