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Life Sciences Hub Wales has supported Powys Teaching Health Board in scoping point of care testing technologies to help enhance these services within primary care and Minor Injuries Units. 

Point of care testing refers to diagnostic services that are not undertaken in a laboratory and are located wherever the patient is currently based. This can improve service efficiencies and patient benefits as it can speed up clinical decision making. 

Powys Teaching Health Board is looking to enhance its point of care testing offering to better support patients and staff. 

Life Sciences Hub Wales has supported this scoping activity through an extensive review of current provisions and opportunities. 

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First formal meeting between Life Sciences Hub Wales and Powys Teaching Board to discuss baselining of current services and establish intelligence requirements for market research. 



Engagement with clinical teams and GPs in Powys Teaching Board has begun to understand their perceptions on point of care testing. 



Life Sciences Hub Wales begins drafting report on point of care testing tools for potential use as part of an enhanced point of care testing service. 



Report scoping enhanced point of care testing is finalised.  

If enhanced point of care testing is implemented, it is hoped that its improved access and increased resource could help patients to manage conditions more effectively alongside allowing earlier diagnosis and detection. 

Powys is a rural and large county with limited secondary care services. Enhancing point of care testing could limit patients travelling outside the county to access diagnostic services currently not provided. 

The research undertaken by Life Sciences Hub Wales has helped the project to move to its second phase. Here, stakeholders will review outcomes and recommendations as part of a larger report from Powys Teaching Health Board, and if appropriate, develop a business case and undergo a formal approval process through the Health Board Executive Committee. 

Life Sciences Hub Wales convened primary care providers to support baselining by explaining their current processes support and by providing technical knowledge to help identify key priority areas for point of care testing within the region. 

Our Sector Intelligence Team undertook an extensive review of the current provision, any existing gaps, and has scoped and made recommendations for the implementation of additional point of care testing within primary care in Powys.