The health benefits of drinking collagen-rich drinks are the subject of a new collaboration involving Swansea University researchers.

A photo of the canned water products

Experts from the Healthcare Technology Centre, led by the University’s Medical School as part of the £24m pan-Wales Accelerate programme, are working with Swansea-based ProColl, and Trinsic Collagen Ltd on the unique project.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is what holds the body together and provides a framework for strength and structure.

Due to the unique properties of alkaline water, an innovative technique called Natralysis Process™ has been used to mimic the natural process of mineralisation of water to create a stable and hydrating alkaline drink.

Trinsic Collagen Ltd. has utilised this innovative technique to create a new drink, NATIIV™ Wellbeing, the world’s first pure collagen nutraceutical, as a mineral stable, alkaline water.

Existing research already suggests increased health benefits to drinking mineralised water and increased hydration effects of alkaline water for athletes. However, it is unknown if the single chain collagen dissolved in the alkaline drink can be absorbed into the body.

A photo of the water product

Accelerate’s involvement

Now, the Healthcare Technology Centre is researching if collagen can be absorbed into the body via the oral cavity e.g., soft tissue cells inside the mouth.

If collagen can cross into the lymphatic system orally, it may provide additional health benefits such as aiding the formation of ligaments and other connective tissues. The potential increase in collagen absorbed from the drink could also stimulate the production of fibroblasts, thereby boosting the body’s own production of collagen.