West Wales Collaboration Support

Swansea University, Tritech Institute, Llesiant Delta Wellbeing, and Pentre Awel are, together, offering health and life-sciences businesses, charities, social enterprises, and entrepreneurs in Carmarthenshire the opportunity to develop their products processes and services through a range of funded support.

Bringing pharmacy into the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Community Pharmacies have remained stagnant for two decades. However, the demand for clinical services alongside traditional medicine supply necessitates a pivotal operational shift.

The Lumen Project

Lung Cancer Symptom Assessment Line (LUMEN), is a Nurse-led service phone service aimed at members of the public in Hywel Dda University Health Board, aged 40 or over meeting NICE Guidelines for Lung Cancer, who will be referred directly for a chest X-ray.

Exploring alternatives to using antibiotics to treating UTIs and sepsis

Urinary tract infections are one of the leading causes of sepsis within the UK, which in turn is one of the leading causes of death. With the rise in antibacterial resistance alternatives to common place antibiotics are needed. A Swansea-based team has explored one alternative, phage therapy, using bacteriophages, viruses which infect bacteria, to treat infections.

Reimagining Glanrhyd Hospital Church

Glanrhyd Hospital is a mental-health hospital in Pen-y-fai near Bridgend and is managed by Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. The church stands in a prominent position within the hospital grounds and is still used for religious purposes. We propose to reimagine the building into a multi-use space for the local community, as well as staff and patients on site.

Enhancing Metallic Anti-Viral/Anti-Microbial High Touch Surfaces

The need to sanitise surfaces has always been important within both clinical and non-clinical settings, whilst surface disinfection compliance might be low. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has increased the urgency of need in order to minimise transmission of the virus. Some studies have indicated that the SARS-CoV-2 virus survives on stainless steel surfaces for as long as 3-7 days. On high-touch areas such as doors, virus transmission becomes an increased risk.

Clinical Evaluation of a Wound Healing Device, Woundexpress

Leg ulcers (a long-lasting sore resulting from a break in the skin) represent a significant source of morbidity with many adverse physical, social and psychological consequences. With appropriate treatment, some ulcers heal successfully with a few weeks, however many persist for months and even years. Such lengthy treatment periods have led to the annual cost of wound treatment in the UK being estimated at £5.6 billion (Guest BMJ 2020).

Wales’ Virtual Hospital

Accelerate is supporting a multi-disciplinary, and cross-speciality, undergraduate and postgraduate online virtual environment (Wales’ Virtual Hospital)

Development of a Physiotherapy Intelligent Virtual Reality System Overview

Accelerate is supporting the delivery of this project through Cardiff University’s academic and clinical expertise, alongside the provision of project management and support for a research associate. HexTransforma Healthcare are contributing their industrial expertise in digital healthcare innovation and will bring their experience in developing commercially viable solutions.

Cynon Valley Organic Adventures

Our health is affected by many influences. Social and economic factors are known to influence health status more than clinical interventions. Awareness that long-term heath conditions adversely impact social engagement, employment and mental health, is driving the exploration of new socially oriented models for improving health outcomes.

Identification of Fungal Strains by DNA Sequencing

Bionema is a leading biopesticide technology developer. They create chemical-free pest management solutions for the horticulture, forestry, and turf and landscape sectors. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the research, development, and commercialisation of biopesticides.

Developing a wide-area electronic microbicide

Dentron Ltd has developed a patented biocidal medical device called the BioGun and demonstrated the BioGun’s ability to kill a wide range of micro-organisms. The BioGun could provide an alternative solution to antibacterial drugs; it is a non-invasive safe procedure.

Using remote physiotherapy sensors to improve patient outcomes

Denton RPA are a Cardiff-based physiotherapy service provider who use digital tech solutions to help empower patients and clinicians to achieve better outcomes. Using re.flex’s 3D motion sensors, Denton RPA provides a unique remote rehabilitation experience for preventative, pre, and post-op patients.

Breaking down the barriers to sports inclusion

Univarsity are an award-winning digital startup that has created a platform that aims to break down the barrier’s students face when searching, joining, and interacting with sports at university, all with the aim of increasing sports participation and engagement, and improving the health and wellbeing of students.

Digital Trauma Resilience Training: DNA Definitive creates legacy for healthcare staff in Wales

As one of five successful Digital Solutions Fund (DSF) bids, and to provide support to NHS staff across Wales, DNA Definitive rapidly piloted a digital learning solution for trauma response management. This has demonstrated how an established programme can be quickly adapted to a digital solution, making it more accessible for those who need it. It also has long-term applications for a blended solution far beyond COVID-19.


Venous thromboembolic diseases (VTE) are caused by a thrombus (blood clot) occurring in a vein. Patients are assessed for their VTE risk when they enter a hospital.

Connect Health delivers digital physiotherapy support in the face of COVID-19

The Digital Solutions Fund (DSF) is a Welsh Government-funded programme coordinated by the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales (DHEW) to support the COVID-19 response. Connect Health was the first project to run. PhysioNow, the digital musculoskeletal triage and self-assessment tool, piloted in two Health Boards (Hywel Dda and Cwm Taf Morgannwg) in autumn 2020.

Sterilisation and cytotoxicity of 3D printed cell scaffolds

Copner Biotech is a Welsh biotech start up who's state of the art design and manufacturing process enables 3D cell culture scaffolds to be produced based on concentric shape constructs, such as circles. This provides a consistent variability of pore size (heterogenous pore size and distribution) emanating from the centre to the periphery of scaffold.

Bid success for a Networked Data Lab in Wales

In a bid coordinated by DHEW, Public Health Wales, in partnership with the NHS Wales Informatics Service, Swansea University and Social Care Wales were selected as one of five of The Health Foundation Networked Data Labs to be established in the UK in 2020. This case study looks at the journey taken by the partners to secure the £400k funding. 

Bid success for a Networked Data Lab in Wales

In a bid coordinated by DHEW, Public Health Wales, in partnership with the NHS Wales Informatics Service, Swansea University and Social Care Wales were selected as one of five of The Health Foundation Networked Data Labs to be established in the UK in 2020. This case study looks at the journey taken by the partners to secure the £400k funding.

Multi-disciplinary development of secure therapeutic drug dispenser

Kaleidoscope is the largest provider of support services to people who use drugs in Wales. They have been part of an informal working group, including members of the Swansea University School of Pharmacy, and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, looking at challenges around drug dispensing for therapy and rehabilitation, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

RFID tracking at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

DHEW worked with the Royal Glamorgan Hospital to run a pilot testing RFID tracking. Passive tags were been placed on bladder scanners, wheelchairs and rental beds throughout the hospital, along with software to provide staff with real time information on where equipment is.

Tracheostomy Tube Support Vest

A tracheostomy is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the intensive care unit (ICU). Reasons for performing such a procedure include: addressing upper airway obstruction, improved oral hygiene (secretion management), and the need for prolonged ventilation.

Educating RiTTA

Through the person-centred design thinking process, Velindre, in conjunction with Pfizer Oncology and IBM Watson, have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence enabled virtual assistant trained in oncology to proof of concept.

Recliners Ltd.

ATiC have been working with Recliners Ltd who develop seating solutions for the home and healthcare markets. The focus was on a current product line of adaptive chairs, the “MultiCare Plus”.


In the UK today there are around half a million children and young people with brain conditions that result in complex medical, educational and social support needs. Cerebra is a charity that helps these children and their families discover a better life together.

The future of sustainable operating theatres

There is a need for buildings to transition towards a zero-carbon environment. Hospital buildings and operating theatres use a relatively large amount of energy and produce large quantities of waste. Hospitals produce more than 5 million tons of waste each year.

Cultech Ltd

Accelerate is supporting the validation and extension of work into a novel refined AD mouse model, by bringing Cardiff University academics and researchers together with the team at Cultech Ltd.

Using CBD products in health and wellbeing

Swansea and Ireland-based company Hemp Heros manufactures full spectrum cannabidoil products - better known as CBD. The company works directly with organic hemp farmers across Europe to ensure they use the finest raw materials in their range of CBD products that include oils, rubs, and creams.

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales and Concentric Health Collaboration

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales (DHEW), a collaboration between NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) and Life Sciences Hub Wales, has collaborated with Welsh health technology startup Concentric Health on a project to develop and understand the potential for APIs within the healthcare system in Wales. 

Health Benefits of Goat's Milk Kefir

There is ongoing research into specific health benefits of taking probiotics during pregnancy. Some studies claim that probiotics can be used to treat pregnant women who have bacterial vaginosis, while others suggest that taking probiotics in pregnancy may reduce the likelihood of the baby developing eczema.

Iminosugars and the Immune Response System

PhytoQuest approached Swansea University's Healthcare Technology Centre with an interest in the discovery and commercialisation of naturally occurring plant sugars, known as iminosugars, as food supplements with numerous health benefits.